SMB Mastermind

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Mastermind Event - Exploring New Frontiers
January 25, 2024
10:00 am Eastern
People relations network on virtual screen. Customer communication and social media concept.

This mastermind session is dedicated to visionaries eager to harness the power of technology and artificial intelligence. Dive into the latest advancements, uncover strategies to integrate AI into your operations, and learn how these tools can dramatically streamline productivity and scalability.

Featured Speaker

Michael Santiago
Michael Santiago Is a full-stack developer with a passion for creating innovative solutions to complex problems. He has a backaround in software engineering and has worked with a variety of clients, trom small businesses to large corporations. He is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Software Development and currently operates a Digital Marketing Agency named Arising Co alongside his wife Gabrielle helping businesses connect with their audience and increase revenue through Branding, Web Dev and Marketing
Pete Romano
Pete Romano took the leap trom music and all things entertainment straight into the world of business and technology focused on the relationship side of customer engagement. As CEO and founder of Segwik, he has experience first-hand the struggles with taking a concept to fruition. His expertise and lessons learned has allow him the ability to incorporate the need for simplicity and efficiency in customer relations within the small business environment by providing a holistic solution that is easily adoptable, implementable, and scalable
Chad Burmiester
Chad Burmeister is a distinguished entrepreneur and sales exert. currentlv leadina BDR ai as Founder and CEC where he pioneers Al in sales. He's also the host of the Al for Sales Podcast, sharing insights on Al integration in sales. Beyond business, he hosts the YOU MATTER To Christ Podcast, blending faith and business, and contributes to The Pro Player Prayer Project and Ignite Christian Business, underscoring his dedication to spiritual growth.

Additional Speakers