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Breaking Barriers, Winning Contracts | $49
June 26, 2024
11:30 am Eastern
Federal GOv3

Have you ever considered venturing into government contracting but felt overwhelmed by the challenges? Perhaps you’ve explored government procurement in the past but encountered what seemed like insurmountable hurdles. Maybe cash flow concerns have deterred you from diving into this lucrative sector, or you’ve doubted whether your business would even qualify for these opportunities.

Why Attend

  • Who Are The Players In The Government Landscape
  • What Are The Market Drivers
  • What Is The Cost Of Entry
  • What Are The Main Considerations For Entering The Market
  • How MarketAtomy Can Help

Featured Speaker

Danna Olivo
Danna Olivo is a seasoned business professional and entrepreneur with extensive experience in the field of market analysis and strategy in the Government Procurement arena. As the founder and CEO of MarketAtomy, she has established herself as a leading expert in providing insightful analysis and actionable recommendations to help businesses of all sizes grow and succeed. She’s a top selling author on Amazon and host of the weekly podcast Charged Up Studio. Danna is committed to the growth of small business in the US and has developed an ecosystem focused on providing resources for small business leaders including education, accountability, collaboration and resource management.

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