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Mastermind Event | Succession Planning | Building a Legacy That Lasts!
February 22, 2024
10:00 am Eastern

Succession planning is not just about passing on a business; it’s about creating a legacy that endures through generations. In a world where small businesses play a vital role in local economies, understanding the importance of succession planning is paramount.

This month’s SMB Mastermind will focus on building a legacy that outlives YOU. It involves meticulous planning, nurturing future leaders, and ensuring a seamless transition of ownership and responsibilities. It’s about safeguarding the values, vision, and culture that define your business, so they continue to thrive in the hands of successors.

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Featured Speaker

Melinda Stallings
The Positive Consultant
Melinda Stallings is the founder and CEO of, The Positive Consultant®, a global organizational development consulting firm. As a conference keynote and virtual summit presenter, she has spoken to audiences in Europe, India, and Australia and from the stages at Harvard, Carnegie Hall, NASDAQ, New York’s World Trade Center, and other prominent national venues. She is the principal of DisruptHR Austin and best-selling author of “The Power of Positive Conflict Resolution”. Her newest offering, "The Positive Approach To Personal Leadership and Conflict Resolution" is a hybrid approach seminar for leaders/managers and their employees to move through simultaneously. This allows them to "speak the same language" and collectively display personal leadership while using conflict for positive change.

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